Funderdome is now Flippo's Fort Lauderdale.

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The Toddler Zone

A safe and separate area for children 3 and under to play with their parents or guardians. Full of padded, multi-color cushion shapes, vehicles and wall puzzles. You and your little one will have a great time.

* No Children Over 3 Years Old Permitted In The Toddler Zone. All Children Must Be Accompanied By An Adult *

Sky Trail Ropes Course

Challenge yourself to balance on cables, ropes, boards and other pathways as you navigate through 7-different complex adventures that test your balance, coordination and confidence 22-feet above the ground. You remain safely tethered for extreme fun!

* Children Under 48 Inches Tall Require A Parent Or Adult Chaperone. *
* Our Fun Ambassadors (when available) Can Chaperone. *             * Girls are required to wear shorts under the dress/skirt.
* Maximum Weight Is 300 Pounds. *


Ball Blaster Arena

Launch colorful Styrofoam balls through an air-propelled cannon and attempt to pass through small targets at opponents. Play 1-on-1 or in teams and have a ball-blasting great time.

* Recommended For Ages 4 And Up, And At Least 48 Inches Tall For Independent Play. *

Funder City Climbing Wall

Test your strength and determination by attempting to push and pull yourself up the walls of Funder-City, a colorful futuristic city scape. Race others or challenge yourself. We can time your climb.

* Ages 3 And Up And At Least 48 Inches Tall.
Maximum Weight Is 275 Pounds. *

Space Quadrant Laser Maze

Duck, jump and roll to avoid getting zapped as you complete the assignment as fast as you can. Select from easy, medium, difficult or expert levels as you master the Laser Maze.

* Ideal For All Ages, Heights And Weights. A Maximum Of 2 People At A Time. *

Interactive Activity Floor

Kids love the colorful, ever-changing range of sporting games and interesting activities that require jumping, twisting, hopping and dancing. The activity-floor is driven by a highly advanced platform that projects the challenges along with high-energy music that's fun for one person or a group.

* Ideal For All Ages, Heights And Weights. *

Interactive Activity floor

30-Foot High Vertical Tower of Play & Obstacle Course

You've never seen this before, a multi-story playground of over 20 different obstacles and experiences that include super slides, steps and mazes. There are many ways to get to the top but you can only get to the Sports Court in the Sky by conquering the Vertical Tower.

* Ideal For Most Ages, Height And Weights.
Ages 3 And Under Should Be Accompanied By An Adult. *

Green Monster Spiral Slide

If you master the Vertical Tower, experience a lightning-fast exit down the Green Monster Spiral Slide. This is not for the faint of heart. The twisting and turning and speed of this slide is not only the slide of a lifetime, but it can be addictive.

* At Least 4 Years Old, Or Accompanied By An Adult.
Keep Your Elbows Up! *

Sports Court in the Sky

You'll have the time of your life playing basketball or soccer just playing alone or with others in our Sports Court. It's a challenge to get here, you've got to find your way up and through the Vertical Tower, but once you're here, plan on extreme fun.

* Ideal For Most Ages, Heights And Weights, But Children 3 And Under Should Play With An Adult. *


PRIZES, GAMES & MORE! State of the art interactive arcade, FUN FOR ALL AGES!


Baby & Me

(8-24months) class cancelled until further notice.

Fun & exciting class that's great for developing your child's social skills, rhythm, hand & eye coordination.  Your baby will enjoy gentle exercise, movement games and creative play.  The core of the class is 30-minutes of music with props such as puppets, maracas, a parachute and bubbles to further stimulate their senses.  You can make new friends and enjoy adult conversation while your little one has a blast!

Price: $7.95+tax per class, includes open play after the class!

*** Reservation is required at least 24 hours before the date of the desired class.  Always have your spot reserved with our VIP membership!   



Art Class

(18-36months) class cancelled until further notice.

Join Funderdome family and create a masterpiece!  With your guided help, allow your child to explore their artistic creativity through projects including drawing, painting, collage, design and more.  This class is complimented by an exciting story time & a snack.  Twelve spots available per class.

Price: $12+tax per class, includes open play after the class!  

***  Reservation is required at least 24 hours before the date of the desired class.  Always have your spot reserved with our VIP membership! 


Art Class



Rhythmic Art

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