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Party Menu


Platter Size:  Small Platter serves 10-12 people - $35.00

Large Platter 15-18 people - $50

      Fruit Platter 

Veggie  Platter

Turkey Wrap Platter

Veggie Wrap Platter

Caesar or House Salad

Fries (regular or sweet potato)

Chips & Mango Salsa - $25.00 

Boneless Buffalo Tenders (17/25 pieces)

Chicken Tenders 
(17/25 pieces) with BBQ sauce and ketchup

Chicken Quesadilla 
(16/24 pieces) with mango salsa and sour cream

(12", 8 slices)

Cheese Pizza - $14.99 


Pitchers - $7.99 (serves 5 persons)
(Coke, Diet coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Root Beer) 

Draft Beer (pitcher) - $19.99 (Bud) or $24.99 (Stella) 

Wine (red or white) - $7.99 (glass) or $19.99 (bottle) 

Bottled Water $2.49  Juice Box - $1.99

Sushi Menu

Platter Size: Small Platter serves 10-12 people - $44.95

Large Platter serves 15-18 people - $64.95


Chicken Gyoza
(Japanese dumplings with chicken called Gyoza or Jiaozi in China. With sweet and sour spice sauce)

Tempura Shrimps
(Shrimp in tempura with sweet and sour spice sauce)

Vegetables Fried spring rolls
(Fried spring rolls with vegetables. With homemade Yum Yum Sauce.)

(Edamame and sea salt)

Fried Rice
(Egg, Carrots, Pea, Onion, Scallion, Tomato, and Sesame Seeds).
add Shrimp - $17.95
add Chicken - $11.95
add Tofu - $9.95
add Pineapple and nuts - $13.95
add Seafood mix - $15.95

Party Sushi Sets:

Party Platter P-02
(Fried Rice, Chicken sticks, Shrimp tempura, Salmon sticks, Japanese dumplings with chicken, Sauces)

Party Sushi Platter P-03
(Salmon avocado, Spicy tuna roll, Mango tango roll, Spicy crab roll, California roll, Green dragon roll, Vegetables roll, Japanese dumplings with chicken, Shrimp tempura, Sauces)

Party Veggie Platter P-01
(Fried Rice, Vegetables rolls, Edamame, Seaweed salad, Spring roll, Fry vegetables, Sauces)

Party Fruit Platter P-04
(Fruit Sushi Roll, Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, Kiwi, Sauces)


Fresh lemonade with citruses (Serves 10 people) - $37.95

Super-healthy shakes (Serves 10 people) - $49.95
M3-Strawberry Banana
M5-Peanut Butter

Japanese Iced Coffee - $49.95

Plum Wine: glass - $9.99 / bottle - $34.95

Sake bottle (180 ml) - $14.95

Kosher Menu


*minimum order of $50.00*

Tomato N’ Cheese Pie-Large-16(Add $2.50 per topping) - $22.99

Kid's Tomato N’ Cheese Pie - $19.99


*All platters serve 20-25 guests*

House Salad - $69.99

Caesar Salad - $69.99

Fruit Platter - $69.95

Baked Ziti - $59.95 (small) $90.95 (Large)

Lasagna (Cheese, Spinach or Beef) - $145.95

Kosher Snacks & Drinks for children - $3.00 per child

*minimum order of $50.00*


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